Poetry Friday Round-Up: January 30th!



Wow! It’s January 30th! We get to host the Poetry Friday Round-Up today!

That would have been a great introduction had I remembered that I was hosting the Poetry Friday Round-Up today. Totally spaced this opportunity (oh. . .what you must think of me). But really, what happens here is that I didn’t get the opportunity to have that week-long anticipation of what I might write here or how I might invite the community of poets into a poetic place.

And then I remembered. . .we are already here, aren’t we? We’ve been thinking poetically long before it was my turn to host Poetry Friday. This is the gift of poetry whether we remember that we are the featured reader or the host of the poems for a particular day (this is my attempt to let myself off the hook. . .perhaps I should have used a hook as my image).

Two weeks ago, I stayed home with Maddie (12.5) who was not feeling well. It was Maddie who was under the weather, but taking a little time to surf TED.com, I found an opportunity for us to experience being under the “infinite blue.”

The spirit of These 4 Corners is not to build a confining space but rather to create an opportunity to think about Loving. . .Living. . .Laughing. . .and Learning (the L’s become the “corners” which Donald Graves might have suggested as “framing corners” that could be adjusted as needed within a lesson or an approach) as we go about our daily work, whatever that work me be. It is my hope that you may see one or more of the 4 Corners in our share today.

We have been sharing Cristina Domenech’s “Poetry That Frees the Soul” in Room 407 this week, and I would love to share this message and this poem with you. I would love to hear your comments on the message today–or at some point. This is one of the few TED talks that just really sticks with me and it will probably be a staple within my learning community for years to come. The video is just over twelve minutes, but it is a very good message with an incredible pay-off at the end. I think I would like to end the post with this and include my poem for the day in the comments along with all of  you:


53 thoughts on “Poetry Friday Round-Up: January 30th!

  1. Hi Paul, thank you for hosting today! I just happened to watch that TED talk yesterday– one of the best I’ve seen. I’m so glad you’re giving it more exposure today. Also thank you for introducing me to your blog and the “4 L’s”. I’m delighted that my post today touches on all of those L’s! At Today’s Little Ditty, it’s the end-of-month wrap-up for Joyce Sidman’s DMC Challenge. Please come celebrate the variety of deeper wisdom I have to share today! http://michellehbarnes.blogspot.com/2015/01/january-dmc-wrap-up-giveaway.html

  2. Hi Paul, Like Margaret, I wondered…but it’s all good. Love your smooth-talking way of making it all seem like it was just meant to be that way! I do love the four Ls as a framework, by the way. And

    Thank you for the TED talk recommendation. I’ll bookmark it to watch this w/e.

    I’m in with a poetryaction to IVAN: THE REMARKABLE TRUE STORY OF THE SHOPPING MALL GORILLA, a book that totally embodies your four Ls! It inspired a short poem in me: http://www.laurasalas.com/blog/for-teachers/prxn-ivan/

    Thanks for hosting!

  3. Wonderful. We love sharing Billy Collins’s TED talk in Room 407. His comments on poetry and animation are priceless. I think we have just about every Collins title in the room available for check-out. Young Adult readers who pick up on Collins seem to like his “voice,” and whey they see him on the screen, I think they really like his droll snark.

  4. Last minute. Last dance. . .last chance. . .But here we are. And. . .I actually got that post up before 5:30AM (the rest was just self-disclosure ((wink)).

  5. Me too. . .I am out of the classroom and the building today as I assist the US History students as they view SELMA at the local theater. This might help to shape my own poem later on today.

  6. It’s good. . .g-o-o-o-o-d. One of my favorite things about working with the Ls is that they create natural corners that need not be confining. So. . .instead of stanDARDs, I can create stanZAs (a “little room” to stretch out and to grow).

  7. YES!!! I am a Wonder Lead with Wonderopolis so I always love when a friend discovers the rich resource that this site is and can be for young learners! Do you know the Betsy Franco book on cats?

  8. I’m just going to keep on showing it until it hits with somebody. Actually, I saw a young lady in the room look to be very moved by the sentiment of the piece yesterday afternoon.

  9. Marmalade. . .I just love that word. I’ll bet the person that coined that word must have been a warm-hearted, fun-loving person. I’ll have to research this later.

  10. If the weather comes in the way we think it will, I may be watching the ALA Youth Media Awards from my stripy chair at Hankins Ranch. But I am very excited to hear this year’s award winners.

  11. Paul, thank you for hosting Poetry Friday today. It is snowing again this morning which brings me to the point that my offering is a reflection of snowstorm 2015 that has brought blankets of snow to Long Island. My thoughts and original poems about this extreme weather condition that closed schools and canceled my professional development sessions is at http://beyondliteracylink.blogspot.com/2015/01/continue-chronicle.html. I will be sure to come back after my yoga practice to listen to the Ted Talk (LISTEN is my OLW).

  12. I’m happy to be back to Poetry Friday after several distracting months. This is the place to be as I’m anticipating the second year of writing a poem a day in February. I’ve posted about this and shared my last poem from last February, called “February 28.” http://karinfisher-golton.com/2015/01/29/a-poem-a-day-for-february/
    Thank you for hosting, Paul! I love the four corners idea and look forward to the TED talk and exploring poetry after I get my boy to school in California.

  13. Hello, Paul. I haven’t participated for a few months, so I don’t believe we’ve “met.” I’ve been reading your Wonderopolis posts and loved the post describing your students’ work with Of Mice and Men. Thanks for hosting today. I’ll be listening to the TED talk a bit later. I’m sharing Diane Mayr’s Winter Poem Swap gift today – just right for the snowy day we were told to expect in NH! Here’s the link. http://joyceray.blogspot.com

  14. Hi, Paul! I love your intro…it teaches me, once again, that you and I are human…like everyone else! I look forward to watching the TED talk…as if were a dessert I’ll treat myself to after work.

    At TeachingAuthors, we’re talking about the worldwide launch of Beautiful Oops Day, based on Barney Saltzberg’s amazing lift-the-flap book for ALL ages, BEAUTIFUL OOPS!…and how we turn mistakes into masterpieces.

    Included on this post is a poem by author Bruce Balan and the mistake which inspired it.


  15. Thanks for hosting.
    My selection is ” Hope Through Heartsongs” written and illustrated by Mattie J.T. Stepanek.

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